As one of the most common questions we get from new people to the forum is “where can I buy cigars”, I thought we should start a permanent list. Add your suggestions here. 

Here are the sites most commonly recommended by members of this forurm:

International (click here to learn more about how customs works): (good selection mainly just the regular brands, great prices, good service, discreet shipping descriptions, accept PayPal, active support on this forum) (great selection few extra boutique brands, good prices, lil extra for shipping but its discreet) (ok selection, ok prices, shipping well priced, great service – only used once for FFPs) (great selection one of the best Ive seen, good prices, lil extra for shipping, ok service had a few probs, payment via Paypal) (small selection, more aimed at niche/boutique lines with a bunch of regulars, have to email or phone through orders, but I find its worth the extra hassle)– great range, not the cheapest (but I use this as the recommended retail price for comparisons), they have daily/weekend deals & they ship with humidity packs. They do not ship direct to Aus, however they do offer free US shipping (so its cheap to get it to a forwarding company). – run by This is a sale on an item where the price “freefalls” until someone buys or it gets too low (think reverse auction). All items purchased via this site have fixed free US shipping. – auction site. Great range of cigars in a freefall arrangement. Usually 30 – 60 freefall auctions at any one time. I’m yet to use. – excellent prices, range seems pretty good. Haven’t purchased from here. Unsure if ships directly to Aus. – ship directly to Aus. First time international orders require supply of credit card statement to verify authenticity. 1st order also ships to billing address on credit card. Additional orders can ship to other address. Great service (very fast replies to email)– sale site by Daily deals with some great bargains. See above for additional info. – fairly large range, prices ok for comparison. Personally haven’t purchased from here.
Cuban Cigars:– based in Hong Kong. recommended to me by a CA forum member – their shipping rates are pretty good to Aus. – Swiss based company offering cuban cigars. Prices are reportedly similar to cigarsofhabanos, however shipping is higher.

Domestic (Australian):

Humidors: – range isn’t too bad, prices are dirt cheap. Includes humidors, cases, cutters, accessories. They ship directly to Australia as well. They also stock cigars, however I haven’t investigated their range or prices (as I’ve found others I do like). Reports I’ve had from other people suggest their customs declarations are very distinct if containing tobacco products.– you can usually find anything cigar-related (except cigars) on here. I got my humidor (at a price you wouldn’t believe) and ashtray off here. There are some great bargains to be had but before buying anything check one of the sites above to make sure you don’t pay more than you need to.

Places To Avoid: – run by a couple of dodgy dickheads. Avoid at all costs. 

What About Customs? 

Here’s some terrific information written by Khalil Parkar:

So after choosing your website of choice and buying cigars, then comes the next big hurdle of THE MAN!!! Only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Little old Aus has to get her moneys worth from us dirty filthy rotten “tobacco smokers”. So here’s how it works.

If you buy from any of the Australian sites listed, you simply place and order and your item will come to you no worries. You are already paying duty at the retailer level, so if you want your cigars within a few days it’s best to order from locals.

When you buy from overseas it’s a different story and here’s the steps it occurs in;

1) You place an order and pay for your cigars online and pay for shipping (choose which ever method suits you, expensive fast shipping or cheap slow shipping totally your own call)

2) The shop posts the items.

3) You have a cigar to celebrate the shipping of your cigars

4) The item lands in Australia and goes to a Customs depot for checking.

5) Customs scan your parcel, realise you have tobacco in your parcel and then hold on to it. They will then send you a letter in the mail (snail mail) and say that you have a parcel with xxx g of tobacco in it and you have pay the duty. If you roughly use $450/kg of tobacco as a guide you’re right. You are paying for weight of TOBACCO, not how many sticks you have, not weight of the box it comes in etc. So yes if you want to know how much duty you will likely have to pay then do some research (yes that means you have to spend some time on googling) find out how many grams of tobacco you just bought and then work out how much duty you will pay based on the $450/kg rule. There is also GST charged on top but lets forget about that, it will be 5-10 dollars on top, big deal.

NOTE: NO ONE knows if your item is going to get stopped or not. Some items dont get stopped at all, some items get stopped, opened and let through, and some items get stopped and duty notice sent. Luck of the draw. Generally however, discrete shippers who identifiy parcels as “mens gift” rather than “Tax me, i’ve got cuban cigars” have better odds at getting through customs undetected, however you can decide if your morals are good with someone making a false decleration on an official document. In any case another thing that seems to help is smaller orders (10-20 loose cigars) tend to get through undetected copared to large orders of 3 or 4 boxes. Up to you to weigh up the cost of ordering multiple small items and paying postage or saving on postage and getting caught by the man.

6) You get the said letter (from number 5) in the mail, decide the government are bastards, plot how to screw them over, work a few cash jobs jsut to stick it to the man, then come to your senses and pay the bill for the duty on the cigars (there are multiple payment options but i’ve only ever used BPay, not sure what other payment methods are availabe)

7) Customs receive your payment and release your parcel and it gets posted on to you

8) YOU RECEIVE YOUR CIGARS AND IT’S A GLORIOUS DAY !!! IF you are lucky you skipped Step 6 and 7 and you smoke a cigar in celebration. If you were unlucky and got the dreaded, you smoke a cigar to calm down while plotting ways to get back at the man.

9) Take photos and post in the “What’s in your Humidor” thread.

36 thoughts on “Where To Buy Cigars

  1. Don’t bother using ‘Atlantic cigars’ they advised me to make small orders as small parcels have an 80% chance of making it through Australian customs then still sent the order in a large parcel. I complained and they told me they don’t stock small parcels. They also admitted that orders rarely make it through Australian Customs. In summary they will lie to you for the sake of a few initial orders.

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  3. Wow this must have been written a while ago. Customs duty now 900 per kg. I’d also say Famous Smoke are a little pricy on postage fees.
    I used to buy from puro express and regularly end up with damaged cigars. They would credit always, but in the end would no longer sell to me. I was buying a lot as I run a bar. Cigars of Habanos have been excellent

  4. Try:

    They have a pretty decent assortment choices and regularly has discount. Best of all, they avoid the customs most of the time (6 orders so far) and FREE shipping! Orders normally arrives within the 10 days and my cigars come with humidified packing.

    • Hi Ben

      How large are the orders you are making and now many times have you had to pay tax. IS it bigger orders that get caught?

  5. all the way. I ordered from 3 separate suppliers and got nailed with $450AU in taxes for 2 of them.
    Atlantic won that race and gained me as a new loyal customer.

  6. Recent changes in USA means the makority of shipping companies will ony deliver to a cigar retailer. Some will niot ship tobacco products at all. The forwarding company I was using will not ship tobacco products anymore due to hassles with the shippers and Australian customs.
    Also the duty is now $763.20 per kg duty is payable on the total estimated cigar weight.
    GST is payable on the following cumulative costs i.e. cigar purchase price in $AU+Shipping costs in $AU+Insurance paid in $AU+Duty paid. If you can find a shipping company that will deal with you; then 1kg of Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (75 cigars) from the USA is going to cost you around 864AU+110AU+(N/A)+763.20AU+117.32=AU$1910ish

    • I can also confirm that I got charged $771.6 AUD per kg duty of cigars I recently ordered.
      Had no problems ordering through Atlantic Cigars though, did not have to use a forwarding company and got it delivered to my home address.
      Only took about a week to get to Sydney customs from the time I placed my order, but it took 11 days from the time it was registered as “Held In Customs” to eventually get a letter in the post with a Notice Of Assessment and payment details for the duty etc.
      Have ordered 4 robusto’s from Cigarplace to see if ordering less than 50g will get it through without any duty to be paid for them, a gamble but will see how it goes i suppose. Their international shipping costs seem very reasonable.

      • After GST and excise was it cheaper than buying retail on Australia Andrew?
        Interested to see how you go with

        • For the order that got noticed by Customs and therefore had to pay duty on, it essentially worked out to be about $22AUD per stick. Ten of them were a “CA Top 25 sampler”, and the other ten were a “10 4 20 mild/medium sampler”. So for me in Perth, it still worked out WAY cheaper than what I can get here, regardless of the fact the place to get cigars in Perth has an extremely limited range. Major downside though is that if you’re really keen to get your cigars, and the package gets held in customs, even after you pay the duty they seem to take their sweet-arse time to get the package moving again. I paid the duty straight away, then on the 29th May it was registered as “cleared through customs” then absolutely no update since then, as if it’s just been sitting at customs cleared and paid, collecting dust. Alas I am still waiting for that package :/

          I got lucky with the Cigarplace order I think.
          I got Cigarplace to label the package “Cigars 45grams” and it jumped on a plane, went through AusPost and then turned up on my doorstep; no duty, no gst. That package of 4 Rocky Patel Broadleaf robusto’s cost $12.75AUD delivered. Very happy with that outcome, and will probably give it another few go’s now that I’ve tested the waters, perhaps changing mailing addresses from time to time.
          Do note that I am a total rookie at this and am just trying various things to see what works best for me etc; I’m no seasoned pro.
          Hope the above info is of some help.

  7. Hi Nick,

    Can you please let me know how your order went? and if it got through customs.
    Which site did you you use to buy the cigars?


  8. First timer here so apologies for any dumb questions

    Placed an order with cigar place a couple of days ago and just got an email informing me that, as part of a recent change, I need to declare to them what description they should put on the package. Anyone have any experience with this? I’d prefer discreet shipping but in their email they say they recommend including cigars or tobacco products in the description. If there is a risk that the package will be picked up by customs, they contact the sender who would then reveal my declaration to customs I’m guessing I would be slapped with a fine as well as the duty. What are the chances of this actually happening though?


      • G’day Cameron,

        I’m new to the forum and it is very nice to see so many cigar enthusiasts like myself.

        Just in relation to the declaration you mentioned “Executive Pen Set $60” if customs does open the package can they fine me for false declaration?

        Kind Regards,


        • Hi Guys,

          Ive got the same question as Prad, ordered a couple of boxes of cigars from the states and got an email asking for a description, if we do declare that they are an exec pen set and it is stopped, will I just be told to pay for the duty or will I then be fined for the false declaration, cheers in advance

          • The short answer is NO, they have to prove you made the false dec and for a couple of hundred $ they wont bother, but they will hit u with tax, GST ect, if your cought..I buy alot of items from the USA and the standard is 1 in 10 will be open and checked, just don’t get too excited and start buying multi boxes, also use different delivery addresses, AP comp system keeps a record of INT post & what is going to your address, and as mentioned keep it small, buy a 5 or 10 pack and if one gets checked the tax is less than getting busted with 3 boxes…

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